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Friday, June 7, 2013

Bunion and Hammertoe 6-9 weeks

Our family has been in a whirlwind of celebrations over the last month.

At 6 weeks, I was able to wear dress shoes to my daughter's Cornell Law graduation ceremony. My instep/footpad is still swollen so I couldn't wear anything too fancy but it beat tennis shoes with a dress! I do walk with a slight limp because my footpad is swollen and I tend to lean to the outside of my foot since my 2nd toe has no flexibility.  However, I was not in any pain. I looked at a lot of pretty feet and shoes at the celebration, eager that one day I will have that too!

At week 7, we had a family vacation for a week in Cancun, Mexico.  I started running 3 miles on the treadmill during this time.  It was far too hot and humid to run outside.  I ran three times increasing to 4 miles indoors for a total of 11 miles for the week.  I iced my foot or went swimming immediately following the run to reduce the swelling. I actually think walking for 8 hrs a day through the tours was more exhausting on my foot!  The ocean was always the best remedy though!

Sailing toward Cozumel
the center of the sun in Chichen Itza
climb, zip, row, swim, walk hills, drive ATVs all day in an oven
Couldn't get enough of the ocean in front of our hotel, Live Aqua
water is so therapeutic!

Week 8, I started preparing for my next half marathon in San Francisco on Father's day, June 16.  I ran every other day increasing mileage to 4, 5, and 6 miles. Total mileage for the week was 15 miles. I am regularly cycling 40 milers, three times a week as well swimming 1-2 miles three times a week.  I have not started bike/run bricks yet but instead, swim after each run to reduce swelling.  I felt no pain in my runs so far but my gait is a little off which can give me slight pain in my knee. At the end of the week, I took the weekend off for my son's medical school graduation and engagement party.

We had a huge family gathering June 1 for Ryan and Aliyah's UC Irvine School of Medicine graduation.  We had close to 30 of the Serrano and extended family plus the Khan family, screaming with excitement.  As some families were cheering lightly for their graduate, we soon felt competitive and went for the GOLD and screamed, whistled, and chanted for our favorite couple louder than anyone! We had a wonderful family graduation party in Laguna Beach afterwards.

Our newly blended family

backyard view looking over PCH into the Pacific Ocean from Laguna beach

soaking my swollen foot after running up and down stairs serving food all day!

On June 2, we all attended Ryan and Aliyah's engagement party in Valencia, CA where we celebrated the beginning of their wedding plans for May 16-18, 2014.  We were shown some of the Indian traditions and were graciously accepted into the Khan home full of color and celebration!

I am now in week 9.  With the weekend off, I jumped to an 8 mile run which went well and felt slower than I wanted but still basically pain free.  I skipped the swim due to the weather and paid with throbbing and longer swelling in the evening. The only pain is on the 2nd toe with the 60mm pin.  The joint connecting the toe to the ball of the foot is inflexible so this can throb over extended running time.  I have never had pain from the bunion surgery.  I then biked 40 and 35 mile routes over the next two days to give my foot some time off the pavement.  My cycling endurance seems to be close to normal now and decided last minute to join the Fiesta Metric Century ride this coming Saturday June 8 for 67 miles.

Thursday was my first 10 miler and 9 wk anniversary date. The pin started throbbing about mile 7 but not too bad.  However about mile 9, it felt like a rock in my shoe and the pain really started elevating and my run slowed.  My route was two separate loops around Sail Bay and Mission/Bonita Bay.  I had to run some incline for SF preparation because I had only run flat over the last couple weeks so I could at least get in the mileage.  So I chose two overpasses to work some elevation and it wasn't too bad however SF 2nd half is hilly so I'm probably going to be hurting just from lack of preparation.  I finally decided to walk one minute at mile 9.37.  I decided it just wasn't worth the pain escalation.  I will likely run/walk SF half next weekend but I will have to accept that it is not a big deal since I'm still recovering.  I have 3 1/2 hours to complete it and I feel like I can still finish in 2 1/2 hours.  I completed the 10 miles rather sad that it was so slow and that I walked for one minute so close to the end but as my mentor, Meredith from SwimBikeMom (SBM) says....just keep moving forward.  It was a beautiful day for a run! Total wk 9 mileage is 18 miles.
Sail Bay

I am a religious reader of the SBM blog.  She is incredibly inspirational and speaks for all us nut cases that train to finish the best we can, whatever that time is, and knowing that we did it is all the reward we need.  I will be with her mentally as she attempts her first Ironman in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho this month, June 23.  I will live through her experience as I decide between IM AZ or IM CdA, for my first full Ironman. Her blog has really kept my spirits up during my recovery period.  She has survived so much more than me and yet still keeps moving forward.  I can't wait for her to cross the finish line! One day I will cross the 140.6 finish line too.

My wonderful Dr. Jay Berenter cleared me today to exercise as I see fit.  My foot continues to improve daily and I just need to ice it after long periods of exercise. I also lightly wrap it with compression for my long runs.  I hopefully will not see him again until Nov 12 for my preop appt for my right foot bunion surgery Nov 14. Before my 2nd surgery, I plan to have completed at least 3 half marathons, 1 full marathon, 1 half Ironman triathlon, and 2 Olympic triathlons.  I will have completed the San Francisco Half It All Challenge series as well as the Disney Coast to Coast Challenge!  I expect 2014 will have even bigger goals than 2013 because both feet will be ready for the challenge!
left foot still slightly swollen at big toe joint and 2nd toe but they
did run 10 miles yesterday! right foot Nov 14!


  1. the road to recovery is long and painful, but worth it! You will be better than ever in no time! Thanks for the fantastic last few weeks of celebrations! Love you!

  2. WOW, I admire your passion and motivation to get better, you are very strong!! You will back to normal in no time!! You inspire me to go to the gym and work out hard!